This case study is about the fact that in sales, just like in sex, you have to be brave and experiment. Even if you live in Central Asia. And even if someone else has done it before. This case is about how we sold one high-end real estate developer’s apartments on Pornhub and sold them, because an interest in other people’s sex and family values are not as far apart as is commonly thought.

Come on, surprise me. We have a new residential complex, in an environmentally friendly area of Bishkek, with a high cost per square meter. We are for families. We are about comfort. We are about comfort. We do Google ourselves, we also have SMM, and a banner on Surprise us and then we will work.

said the Client and we went to work our magic

We went with ads on Pornhub as part of a strategy to find new channels. It was a pure experiment. Honestly, we realized how much the site didn’t fit the idea of family warmth and coziness.

Idea: brazenly stolen from a Ukrainian agency
Creative: the results of joint brainstorming
Agency: development of advertising creatives, creation of banners, production of all pages, implementation of promo codes, tracking sales, setting up and optimization of advertising, work with traffic, tracking visitors and reporting.

Before making such a prank, we turned to the numbers:
Pornhub is accessed by 36% of men in Kyrgyzstan, and 11% of women. In the capital this figure is 2.7 times higher. The average age of the audience of visitors is from 25 to 50 years old. And the level of income in 77% is average or above average. The largest number of visits falls on the time after 20:00,
and the average viewing time is from 15 minutes.

How can you just take this kind of traffic and not use it?????

Next, it was important not to overpower…
The main message of the campaign was: “Sex is fun for five minutes. Owning your own apartment is fun for life. By clicking on the gif, the user was taken to the developer’s site.

The outcome of the experiment? 51% refusal.
How do we live with this rejection? Work on it.

On the banding we decided to:
Install counters to keep track of the conversions that our banner gives.
Issue a promo code with a discount, and use it to track where the client came from.

What’s the numbers?

Average value of the apartment in the transaction $ 65,345

How did we work?

How did it end? The client was surprised, but then the company changed its marketing department and we never practiced this again.


No stories about how commercials for sedatives should annoy you, but instead help you get through the realities of Kyrgyz life more easily and simply.

First there was the word. And analysis, of course. Therefore, before launching the advertising campaign, we learned that previously the Brand had not been represented in digital. And in the media space did not appear for 5 years. Therefore,

The primary task was the need to ensure recognition of the sedative, given the fact that there are two forms: DAY and NIGHT. At the same time, the key performance indicator is to achieve the highest possible coverage, high frequency and growth in demand at the POS.

After discussing communication channels, studying the audience and trends up and down, we decided to connect mix of channels:

OLV + placement on news resources (in the place of the most acute triggers for excitement) + e-com + search campaign.

In this case, we took into account all the features of the brand and used different tactics for each of the forms:

NIGHT: display of the ads was only during the night – 21:00 – 04:00. During the month of Ramadan, when users are most active at night, the emphasis on local resources was placed on the placement of this form.

DAY: Demonstration of advertising creatives only in the daytime – 04:00 – 21:00. Emphasis on 3 variants of the ads, with the help of solving the problems of stress in different life situations.

In order to be able to track the results of the campaign we created a website, which told about the PRESENT and its sales locations in the most interactive and interesting form.
Various metrics and tags were plugged into the site for later use by a warm audience.


Banner (Kaktus Media and Akipress)*
OLV (IG, YT, Programmatic ) Search
Placement in online pharmacies (IG)*


By collecting weekly statistics the problem of advertising in YT was found in time (change of advertising algorithm in KR) and the decision was made to reallocate the budget to more effective platforms, which allowed to achieve maximum coverage of the target audience.


More than 27 thousand users on the site;
More than 32 thousand sessions;
The average duration of a session – 14 sec.

According to Google Analytics: the most visited page of Persen Night is due to maximum activity in Orozo Ait.

Digital агентство Кыргызстан
Site for campaign

*No targeting option

**It is possible to target

*** Cost per 1,000 users reached



The brand is characterized by a reserved style of communication with clients both during advertising campaigns and in the main. This peculiarity had to be avoided and laid the foundation for further communication.

The target audience is residents of Bishkek, Osh, Naryn, and Jalal-Abad, who buy products and basic necessities close to home. Predominantly women.

By the time they contacted the agency, the company had already created communities in social networks and experience of cooperation with several SMM-agencies, which did not always apply high-quality mechanics. Therefore, the main task, in addition to growing the subscriber base and engagement figures, was to create an SMM strategy for the project, taking into account all the directions and tools that would solve the client’s goals.

The goals of brand presence in social networks:

  • Creating a positive brand reputation
    • Growth of the community’s subscriber base
    • Growth of audience loyalty to the brand
    • Detachment from competitors
    • Initiating advertising campaigns and increasing reach
    • Growth of engagement metrics


  • Creating a strategy to promote the brand in social networks (performing the task helps to solve all the listed brand objectives in social networks)
    • Selection of Influencers (reputation management, detachment from competitors)
    • Setting up navigation and elements (managing and maintaining communities)
    • Conducting activities (initiation of advertising campaigns and increase of coverage, creation of positive brand reputation, growth of community signature base)
    • Communications with audience (reputation management, loyalty growth, increase of engagement index)
    • Consulting client’s representatives on social networks (management and maintenance of communities, creating a positive brand image)


And to create a whole series of competitions and activities focused on both in-store and online engagement, because in view of the complicated epidemiological situation in the country, active offline integration could have a negative impact on the store customers and suggested a set of contests and their viral integration in the social networks Instagram and TikTok. And this is the result of that:

  • “Let’s do it for 10” is an integration at the intersection of online and offline, analogous to the famous show “Let’s Bet”. We chose a cool, involved moderator whose task was to play a series of games in different branches of the chain. According to the mechanics, participants had to answer questions from the General Knowledge category and simple questions about Frunze supermarkets in 10 seconds. Winners were rewarded, and the recording of the game with the best moments was released in the TOP entertainment Instagram publics –, OMKS_video,, etc.
  • “Frunze Through Children’s Eyes” is the most emotional and touching competition, imho. We suggested a mechanic that all visitors with children could draw Frunze with their children the image they saw or wanted to see. In the original concept, the idea was to draw in the parking areas of supermarkets, previously freeing them from cars, but… COVID-19 made its adjustments. From that, we held the competition on Instagram and got even more engagement. We decided to reward each young talent for their participation 😊
  • “Cooking with Frunze” is a competition similar to the “My Kitchen” program. The most controversial story and the most difficult to implement. Every marketer and SMM specialist in Kyrgyzstan will tell you that our people are lazy and are unlikely to fulfill conditions more complicated than “get sushi for reposting.” But, we took a chance. Since we needed not only to make a buzz on social media, but also to increase loyalty, we suggested the following mechanics: Shop – Cook – Publish and film all these processes on video. And for greater influence and interest, we invited bloggers to participate in the competition. Spoiler – invited 5 bloggers, but participated about 12, which was very pleased with and marketing the client and the working group MADMEN.
  •  “Frunze 10 Years” was a loyalty contest, asking participants to record a greeting to the supermarket and post it all on their page. It was trivial, no magic, but it worked.

    In parallel, we made vines and covers of them to the sounds and entered the TikTok trends and viralized it through the most popular Instagram publishers.


The marketer, the advertiser, the SMM specialist – it’s all about “I’ll give you a hundred thousand, he’ll do something with it in the dark room and bring you three hundred.  And so it went:

  • 1.21% growth in subscribers (+ 2,952);
  • Growth in % Engagement (ER) by 42.86% (1%);
  • Increase in average daily activity by 3.34%.
  • The total number of impressions of Frunze page publications increased by 46.86% (14.8 million impressions);
  • The number of profile actions increased by 25.57%.


  • Over 3,000 publications by hashtags;
  • 7 videos hit the TikTok trends in Kyrgyzstan;
  • 123 publications in the popular publishers.

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