Raise awareness of the new design of the “Pearl of the Nile” tea packaging and attract the attention of the target audience.


Traditional Kyrgyz women over 25 years old, housewives, mostly married with children. The main value is family life and comfort.


1 month


Limited budget for a full-fledged campaign.




89,563 people saw posts about the new «Pearl of the Nile» packaging (+12%);

78,108 people saw posts in posts about the new «Pearl of the Nile» packaging;

195,138 times the new «Pearl of the Nile» packaging was featured on Influencers’ Instagram.


Strategy: Due to the limited budget, we decided to use bloggers as a promotional tool. The idea: bloggers will showcase their ideal breakfasts/dinners with their family members, where the main attribute will be “Pearl of the Nile” tea in a new design. They will be introducing national dishes, national dishes and national clothing, talking about the new design and holding a contest.

Contest: Each blogger will tell their subscribers about a contest in which they can participate and win prizes by posting videos of them drinking Pearl of the Nile tea and celebrating their friends. Newly-packaged teas must be used to enter the contest. Prizes include 10 gifts of tea in a gift bag and 1 main super prize – a basket of tea, brewed tea, service, dried fruit and nuts. To enter the contest, you must post a post with the hashtag #жемчужинанила.

Results and major barriers:
Several contest posts were expected in the first phase of the campaign, but the number of participants turned out to be low. The main barriers encountered included the lack of a «Pearl of the Nile» page on Instagram and the lack of new tea packaging in stores.

The bloggers’ videos were released, but no one entered the contest.

Additional incentives for participation:

Several solutions were offered to encourage participation, and a third one was chosen: posting invitations to participate in the contest in “mom” publishers.

several videos from the campaign

Results and recommendations:

The campaign is rated a success because it was able to save investment on the summing up of the competition and redirect funds to additional activity, increasing SOV compared to competitors. Shortcomings in the trade were identified, which had a favorable effect on the affiliate.

The main difficulties encountered included timelines, the impact of external factors on deadlines from bloggers, the complex mechanics of the contest, and the unavailability of new packaging in stores.