To support and increase the level of loyalty of mothers with children under 3 years old, pregnant women and those who have recently given birth and are interested in vitamins to the “X brand” vitamin D  brand.


Mothers with children under 3 years old, pregnant women, those who have recently given birth, those interested in vitamins. Geography – all of Kyrgyzstan.


3 month




First month: Gather the audience among whom it is so important to raise awareness of brand “X. Launch a native advertising format that will be shown on websites and apps that match the interests of the target audience. Using a programmatic platform to identify and reach target users.

Next 2 months: Launch a targeting campaign to users who showed a response to the ads in the first month.

Campaign format: offer to buy brand “X” in the nearest pharmacy.
When the user clicks on one of the suggested pharmacies, the banner opens a map showing the nearest pharmacy where the product can be purchased.

Tools used:

A programmatic platform to identify and reach the target audience.
Native advertising format to increase brand awareness.
Banners with an offer to buy the brand at the nearest pharmacy to the potential customer’s location. Interactive map showing the nearest pharmacy where the product can be purchased.


Reached over 1 million unique users (the plan was 700,000).
More than 2,000 clicks (+5% to plan) on the banner during the first month of placement.
More than 3,500 clicks (+10% to plan) on the format offering directions to the nearest pharmacy over the next two months.

Now for some details…

Execution steps:

1. Research and analysis of the target audience:

We know we want moms with kids under 3, pregnant, recently parenting, and interested in vitamin topics. We’re looking for their basic needs and interests, as well as where they spend most of their time online.

2. Setting up the programmatic platform itself:

Creating audience segments based on user interest data and behavior related to vitamins and children’s health.

3. Development of native advertising materials:

We create attractive and informative ads that will appear on websites and apps visited by the target audience. Ads, according to our idea, should attract attention and arouse interest in the brand “X”.

4. Campaign launch in the first month:

Native ads will be displayed on selected sites and apps, according to user interests. The goal is to gather an audience and increase brand awareness.

5. Analysis of first month results:

Measurement of reach, clicks and other metrics to assess campaign effectiveness. Identification of the audience that showed a response to the advertisement.

6. Launch the targeting campaign in the next two months:

Set up banners offering to buy the brand at the nearest pharmacy for the audience that showed a response to the ad in the first month. Clicking on the banner opens an interactive map showing the nearest pharmacy to the clicked one.

7. Monitoring and optimization:

We regularly analyze data and optimize campaigns for better results. If necessary, we make changes to the ads, programmatic platform settings or card format to increase conversions and loyalty levels.

8. Evaluation of results and analysis of effectiveness:

At the end of the three-month programmatic campaign a complete analysis of its results. Comparison of actual results against objectives, such as reach, conversions and loyalty levels. Study the metrics of conversion, average check and user engagement.

9. Evaluating ROI (return on investment) and the payback period of the campaign.

10. Drawing conclusions and recommendations:

Based on the analysis of the results, we formulate key conclusions about the effectiveness of the programmatic campaign. We provide recommendations for further steps to maintain and increase brand loyalty among the target audience.

11. Further actions:

Gather the knowledge and experience gained to develop and implement new marketing strategies that will strengthen the brand’s position in the market 😊

For example, started using personalized communication with customers, launched a couple of loyalty programs or held informational events for parents and pregnant women.

The case study on maintaining loyalty to brand “X” using a programmatic campaign achieved significant results within 3 months.

The combined approach, starting with basic audience gathering and awareness raising, and then moving on to targeted advertising and suggesting a path to the nearest pharmacy, helped to attract more than 1 million Kyrgyz, exceeded the target conversion rates for the banner and card format, and strengthened brand loyalty. The results became the basis for developing further marketing strategies and improving the interaction with the target audience.

*Case is protected by an NDA with the client